H1B Visas – 2021 Update

H-1B Visas – 2021 Update

It’s been a tumultuous time for H1B visa holders, and those employing them. While there have been no significant changes to immigration law, the previous administration made the process more arduous through suspensions of premium processing, more aggressive screenings, and a well-publicized ban on new H1B visas for 2020.

Despite all this, the H1B process is, on paper, the same today as a decade ago. The suspensions came and went, courts shot down the screenings, and the ban was applied after the visa quotas had already been reached for the year. On the surface, it was all smoke and no fire.

The Fallout

Smoke can still hurt you, though. While the consulting companies continue along, a growing number of tech industry employers have become gun-shy about hiring H1B holders directly. Despite all the press about “inexpensive” foreign labor, H1B holders make 2.8% more on average than their American counterparts. The added cost of sponsoring the visa and the Green Card process left employers hesitant to bring them on board. For many, these recent headaches were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We’ve been seeing the fallout with our clients. Through discussions with other agencies in our networks, we’ve discovered we’re not alone. Companies that were able to sponsor or transfer visas in the past aren’t considering them today. Others who were on the fence have been pushed to the negative side. It’s become too much of a headache.

The Opportunity

This leaves H1B holders with reduced options for new positions, and those employers with fewer candidates to consider for critical positions. It’s an undesirable situation, given our current shortage of technical talent.

This creates an opportunity for those who decide to go ahead with H1B candidates.

Companies are ignoring a large pool of promising, talented candidates. Yes, hiring them is a complicated proposition, but among them are engineers, scientists, and others who

would still be a great return on investment. Better yet, a forward-thinking team can pick them up while their competitors aren’t looking.

It may not be worth it for every position, but it pays dividends to consider all options for critical hires. A non-sponsoring company writes off a large percentage of potential candidates. These candidates have the ability to develop the innovations they need to compete. By looking to save thousands, that company could be losing thousands more.

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